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Mattress Protectors, Duvets, Pillows

What are your products made from?

The materials we use are always of the highest quality.  This is to ensure that the products Bunk House Kids provides give you a comfortable and healthy night’s sleep.

Waterproof and non-waterproof mattress protectors are both very popular. These are produced using materials such as unbleached cotton, moisture wicking wool, natural latex and all natural silk.

If you have an allergy to dust-mites our hypoallergenic range of products will ensure that you can sleep soundly.

Do I need a Mattress Protector?

At Bunk House Kids we understand that your children’s health is your number one priority.  This is why we carry 100 % waterproof mattress covers and bedding.  These covers will dramatically reduce the build-up of dust mites.  Dust mites are considered among the top triggers of asthma and chronic allergy conditions.

Wool mattress protectors provide a dry and comfortable sleeping environment.  This makes for a much more comfortable night’s sleep as the removal of moisture vapour will keep the temperature consistent throughout the night.

Luxury silk duvets will allow anyone to sleep like a king.  Our range of lightweight, mulberry silk duvets are encased in a 100% cotton shell for your comfort.  These covers are just as warm as our conventional covers however they are considerably lighter. They are suitable for all seasons as they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What about Pillows?

Our pillows are made from memory foam or latex and are extremely breathable.  The ventilation holes make our pillows fantastically comfortable, cool and dry.

Our unique Blu Sleep memory foam pillows adapt to the contours of your body.  This allows for an even distribution of your weight which puts less stress on your back and neck

Our range of Natura pillows are filled with latex and swathed in unbleached white cotton. Both hypoallergenic and tough, latex pillows conform to your body’s shape for unparalleled comfort.

What about latex allergies?

An allergy to latex is an allergy triggered by contact with the material.  As long as the mattress or pillow is wrapped in a mattress cover or pillow case, it is unlikely that you will have a reaction.

Also, the proteins that cause the allergic reaction are removed during our washing process.

Organic latex mattresses, made with natural chemical and pesticide free organic materials, are also available.