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Which mattress fulfils all of my needs?

When choosing a mattress, comfort and quality are the priorities, as well as the depth of the mattress so that it is compatible with your fitted bed linen.

We recommend that the mattress that is used on the top bunk must not be greater than 11” deep and that crucially the mattress is at least 5” below the upper edge of the guard rails.

On the lower bunk, a mattress greater than 8” will limit the available headroom. Adherence to these guidelines will ensure that you have a safe and comfortable bed.

We generally find that latex or foam mattresses provide the best support for both the back and neck. Many clients have found that 6”-8” coil spring mattresses are not as comfortable by comparison, and they are also quite impractical.

The majority of platform style beds need a mattress of 6”–9” because they have been designed to only need a mattress and not a foundation. 

One very important tip that we must pass on to you is to consider the height of the mattress compared to the headboard and/or footboard, where appropriate.

To guarantee that the trundle will fit we suggest that a regular sized mattress is perfectly suitable for a twin or double-size trundle bed.   Ideally, you could have a specially made mattress that is ever so slightly smaller and thinner than the standard size mattress so that it fits easily into the base.  If your trundle bed is to be used on a regular basis we recommend that you buy the best quality mattress available for the size.

Why Latex?

Latex is an especially good material for a mattress as it is breathable and provides an allergen-free sleeping environment. Moist air is able to pass through latex with ease while also being 300% more resistant to dust mites than other materials.  This makes it a great option for people with allergies.  Our latex mattresses use only the highest quality latex, either Dunlop or Talalay.

But aren’t latex allergies becoming more common?

An allergy to latex is caused when the afflicted individual comes into contact with latex.  If the mattress or pillow is wrapped in a cover or case there will be no reaction.  Also, the proteins that cause the allergic reaction are removed during our washing process.

Organic latex mattresses, made with natural chemical and pesticide free organic materials, are also available. 

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