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6 Bunk Bed Plans That Can Help You Maximize On Space

Imagine coming home after a long day at work. The last thing you would want is an uncomfortable bed to rest your tired body on. It therefore makes perfect sense to invest in a good bed, comfortable enough to help you sleep like a baby. You certainly will want the same thing for your kids. That’s exactly where bunk beds for kids come into the picture. But with so many kids beds in Toronto featuring different designs, choosing one that will complement your kids bedroom can be a challenge. You may also have to figure out if the design you wish to go for will augur well with your young one. But why worry when you can easily consider customized bunk bed plans for your kid? Simply consider the following bed plans.

The street side plan

You can either buy a readymade bunk bed that features the side street design or have one customized. Either way, you can give your kid the urban feeling in his own bedroom and at the same time, allow him to be playful in his sleeping space at the same time. The design features two twin bunk beds with a ladder leading to the top bunk. The urban design is brought to life by the bed’s paint which resembles graffiti patterns that are synonymous with downtown areas.  It is ideal for outgoing teenage boys.

Free twin loft

The free twin loft plan is ideal for playful kids who are amused by the idea of bunk beds that are raised off the ground to a few inches of the ceiling. It does not end there though. The design can go a long way to help you save on space as it features room for play and storage underneath. It is ideal for both boys and girls between the ages of 6 to 12.

Bunk bed with stairs storage

Yet another plan that maximizes on space, this deign stands out as both unique and exquisite. The bunk bed in this case boasts of useful storage shelves designed right into the stairs. Each stair resembles a cube piled on top of another all the way to the top bed. The storage spaces add charm to the room and a little bit of sophistication with sliding glass doors which can either be tinted or clear.

Vintage bunk beds

It is crazy to think that kids like retro stuff. But they do! If anything, kids always imagine what their parents were like while growing up. So give them a hint of what life was back when you were a kid. Go for a vintage bunk bed design. A multigenerational space complete with a classic wooden bunk bed where hang out and later on sleep in rustic bunk beds will certainly impress any kid. Another idea under the vintage design would be to consider earthy colors and a handful of tors reminiscent of summer camps.

Upward bound house

Worry not if your kid’s bedroom doesn’t have enough closets. The upward bound house bunk bed design features freestanding closets to help your children house their ‘important stuff’ and wardrobe galore. Execute the design well and you will have enough space for one guest seat and a study nook.

Gender neutral design

What do you do when you have a both boys and girls who may have to share a room before they can move to their own separate bedrooms? It simple. Simply consider a gender neutral design. A navy and white color scheme will work well for any gender. A good way to go about it is to place two bunk beds beside each other for a built in look. Paint the room with light shades of brown to bring a rustic element to the space.