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8 Solid Reasons For You To Get Your Child A Foam Mattress

There is no doubt at all that sleep is an integral part in human growth and development. That explains why it is important for one to have enough sleep and rest after a long day at work or at school. The same case applies to children. They must have enough, peaceful and comfortable sleep. Unfortunately, this hardly happens. Part of the reason is the fact that people know little about the best mattresses for kids in Canada. So they opt to buy the usual mattresses for children, branded and marketed as healthy and of course, the best ones in the market.

It gets worse with the fact that the mattresses are usually cheap and colorful – a perfect combination to meet both ends of the shopper on a budget. The shopper will after all, go for the cheap mattress and hope the colorful mattress covers and design will impress his or her kid. So the cycle continues and children suffer.

Back pains and even ADDH are just but some of the repercussions that come along with neglecting a child’s comfort while sleeping. Fortunately, there is a way you can avoid such inconveniences. Simply consider memory foam mattresses for children. Here’s why they are the perfect solution to your child’s sleep needs.

Comfort guaranteed

This may sound like a marketing stint, but it isn’t. Foam mattresses are designed to contour your body and provide pressure relief during sleep. This kind of unique approach to sleep comfort makes foam mattresses ideal for not just children but adults as well. The mattress simply cradles every part of the person sleeping, allowing the body to seamlessly get into the most comfortable sleeping position naturally. Your child can therefore sleep on his or her back, belly, side and just about any position he or she likes and still fall asleep with ease.

No disturbance caused to sleeping partners

It is normal for parent to allow siblings to share the same bed. This happens mostly where the children in question are either twins or the age gap between them is too small. Since a foam mattress takes the shape of one’s body contours, it is possible to have two people sleep on the same mattress without disturbing each other. The mattress will simply contour to the shape of each body separately. If one kid wakes up before the other, the mattress will not in any come in the way of the one still sleeping. The portion of the one sleeping will still remain the same.

Chiropractic support

Any mattress that supports every part for your child’s body evenly and individually is a good mattress. Foam mattresses for children do just that. They allow the spine of a child to stay in a natural position throughout the sleeping session. They also reduce pressure points on the spine. This goes a long way to reduce tossing and turning at night, a habit that can easily hinder healthy sleeping habits of your child.


There are countless complaints online from parents who at one point bought mattresses that ended up giving their children allergies. This happens almost every year. The problem is usually the substances used to make mattresses. Some components have traces of life threatening chemicals while others are just allergy triggers. Not so with foam mattresses. The concept behind their stuffing is simple, with no chemical components whatsoever. Your child can therefore sleep well and leave you with the peace of mind that there won’t be endless sneezing or headaches or even rashes after a continued use of the foam mattress.

No flip styling

There is something about conventional mattresses that stands out like a sore thumb. With time, after a long use, they sag and create a concave like shape. One is then forced to rotate or flip the mattress to ensure comfort while sleeping. This never happens with foam mattresses. They don’t sag at all, so there won’t be any need at all to flip the mattress.

No dust mites

Most, if not all beds and mattresses offer perfect environment for dust mites. It gets worse where children occasionally wet the mattresses. The mites thrive. Foam mattresses step in as perfect and long lasting solutions. They are naturally resistant to mites. They are also naturally antimicrobial.

Highly recommended by health professionals

Pediatricians and chiropractors recommend foam mattresses for all the aforementioned reasons and several other reasons that can be medically justified. The mattresses are in fact, ideal for children with special needs. One can also choose a special visco elastic mattress for better comfort of a physically challenged child. That explains why many children and even adults often report deeper sleep, more comfort, diminishes pain and less tossing after switching to foam mattresses from conventional mattresses.

Easy care and maintenance

You don’t have to worry about how you will take care of your children’s foam mattress. Simply get a good, washable foam mattress topper. Also, air the mattress at least once or twice a month under the sun for two to four hours.