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Bring A Modern Bunk Bed Into Your Your Kids' Bedroom!

It is normal for parents to want the best for their kids. Right off from the kind of toys they have to where they sleep, any sane parent will certainly want the best of the best for his or her kid. Take where your kid sleeps for example. The room should be spacious, neat and welcoming. But that’s not enough. You have to improve the room’s aesthetics with the right bunk bed.  Here is how to go about it.

Paint and drapery panels

Transform a simple bunk bed by going for ceiling mounted hardware. Floor to ceiling drapery panels, stickers and a fresh coat of paint can go a long way to transform the way your kids bunk bed occupies the space on which it stands on. The right drapery panels will not just add a designer flair to the room. It will also give your kid some privacy.  

Determine measurements

Avoid buying a bunk bed without first determining the measurements of your kid’s bedroom. Measure the distance from the floor to the ceiling as well as the distance from one wall to another. That way, you will have an easy time choosing a bunk bed that won’t occupy more space than would be necessary. Some bunk bed designs as you will find out, call for extremely spacious rooms. Others are designed to help one have any easy time organizing a room where space seems to be a luxury. Note that bunk beds with stairs will call for more space. And with so many kids' bunk beds with stairs in Canada, you certainly have to take into account your kid’s bedroom measurements.

Paint work

Most kids’ furniture stores today feature bunk beds that can be repainted several times to match different room themes. Painting your kids bunk bed should therefore be an easy undertaking. Be sure to remove the existing finish of the bed before you can repaint it. Then set up the bunk bed in ventilated area with a drop cloth to protect the floor surface as you paint.


Use a paint sprayer to cover all surfaces of the bunk bed. Do this after sanding, so as to give the bunk bed a smooth finish. For the best coverage while painting, keep the tip of the sprayer at least 8 inches off the surface of the bed pieces. Then move back and forth in a slow yet systematic and controlled manner. Consider having a tinted primer for bold colored updates like yellow, red or black. This will reduce the number of finish coasts required for proper coverage of your kid's bunk bed.

Finish coat

Give the primer at least three hours to dry, then use a sprayer to apply finish color paint. Two coats of finish should be ideal where one wants to end up with a brightly colored bunk bed. Be patient for at least 8 hours for the spray finish coat to dry completely.

Positioning the mattress

Position the mattress before you can begin drapery hardware installation. Remember that it is important to exert some weight to the bunk bed for purposes of making it steady and safe for your children. So with the help of a friend, take time to positon mattress on the top and bottom bunks.  

Installing drapery hardware

Most bunk beds today boast of designs that can allow one to install drapery hardware. The goal is, as already hinted, to give your kid’s sleeping space some privacy and add some designer flare to it. Using a stud finder, locate joists along the ceiling and enough studs along the walls. Mark the studs with a pencil before using a drill to fasten brackets and flanges to the wall into the marks you made with a pencil. Place ceiling mounted hardware along the marks then use a drill to attach up into joists. Slide rings and poles into strategic positions then secure as needed.