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Choosing Between Toddler Beds And Single Beds For Your Children

Is it about time for you to let go of your child's crib? Well, that's good news. It signifies that your child is growing and that he is about ready to sleep on his own. It can also mean that you no longer have to lift your 'baby' as often as you did before in order to put him to sleep. While this can be good news, you may have some hard time choosing the right type of bed that will suit his needs at the moment. There are actually two options to choose from – the toddler bed and single bed. The toddler bed is one where you can use a cot-size mattress whilst the single bed consists of a frame and a single mattress. Get to know what differentiates one from the other before making a purchase.

Knowing more about toddler beds

Toddler beds are attractive choices simply because of the fact that they come in various sizes and shapes. In fact, if you happen to browse through online catalogues, you will see that there are toddler beds that come in the form of princess castles and even cars. This being said, you simply have a cool choice that your child will surely love. And with them involved when making the purchase, your kids can have an easier time sleeping in their toddler beds.

Additionally, toddler beds are lower than the cots that they have been using for some time now. This will make climbing to the bed easier than before. Not to forget that there are varieties which already have a set of safety features that will work to your peace of mind.

Choosing toddler beds

The advantages of using toddler beds will work to your benefit only if you learn how to choose one. A tip to consider is the fact that you should go for beds that are made out of durable materials. Some toddler beds are made of plastic, a material that can cause the bed to topple down in the long run. Additionally, you also have to check on the size and weight limit of the bed. Make sure it can carry your child and is usable for your growing kids up until he is ready for a larger bed.

What about single beds?

If you are looking for a bed that your child can use for a longer time, then single beds are good choices. These ones are longer than toddler beds thus allowing your children to sleep on them up until they are teenagers. Whilst they do not have the same attributes as those of toddler beds and the fact that these versions come in different shapes, they can be 'upgraded' a bit to make them look so attractive for your children. You can choose to jazz the furniture with a colourful frame or headboard that will work to your child's liking. You can also make your children choose the bedding that will go well with the mattress. It is also good news to know that single beds can accommodate you too whilst you read your child's favourite bedtime stories to put him to sleep.

Choosing single beds

When you know that what you want is a single bed, you also have to remember a few tips. First, you have to consider purchasing a durable mattress that fits well with the frame. It will also mean having to purchase a rubber sheet to protect it from your child's frequent bed wetting. Consider asking if safety rails can be added to the standard frame as well.

Both beds have features that you will surely love. Depending on your child's choice and your budget, both will definitely work for you. Browse through different kids beds in Toronto through our catalogue to get an idea of what will suit your space best.