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Choosing Between Wood And Metal For Your Kid's Bunk Bed

For a growing family, especially in homes with limited areas, a major concern is how and where to accommodate each new family member. This is also true when kids are growing up and want to have a room of their own. The problem now is how to let two beds be in a not so huge room and still have enough room for other furniture pieces and a walkway without walking side view. The solution to this predicament is to have a bunk bed. Take note, however, that this option should not be considered if kids are less than 6 years old.  

Regardless of the child's age, precautionary measures should be undertaken when choosing bunk beds. See to it that the bunk bed that you intend to buy complies with a consumer product safety commission's standards. Now, for your options, you can choose between a wooden bunk bed and one that goes with a metal frame. There are also some manufacturers that experiment on combining wood and metal. For comparison, the differences between the two, wood and metal, will be handled.

Wooden bunk beds

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This type would stand for the description of a bunk bed because traditionally, a bunk bed should be really made of wood. It is easier to put embellishments like carvings to this bunk bed material and can be easily made to look fastidious. They are nice to look at because they tend to look more like a 'solid' piece of furniture. It shows more character compared to a metal bunk bed. As in any other choices that you make, it has also its disadvantages. For a wooden type, durability is its main concern as wood weathers away with time.

Metal-framed bunk bed    

This type can be admiringly beautiful in its own way. Metal and iron can be moulded and twisted to form a design but with a limitation. A feature that makes a metal bunk bed stand over its wooden counterpart is the fact that it is lighter. This makes it easier to assemble and disassemble and to be transferred from any room of your choice to another that you want to make use of. It is also priced within the cheaper range. These factors make a metal bunk bed more ideal because it is more durable and it allows more value for your money. 

Again, it has also its disadvantages.  One of which is the fact that its joints are not stable as that of a wooden bed. Additionally, it has to be pointed out that screws on the joints tend to become loose over time and this entails a regular check-up for safety purposes. Regular tightening of the bolts and nuts should be done to avoid mishaps.

Which is the better choice then?

Choosing between these two kinds of bunk beds is a matter of style and preference. What matters most is you know how to take care of it and you know the precautionary measures in using it. Therefore, when you already have come up with a choice, it is but right to know some safety measures in using a bunk bed.

Don't allow children under 6 years old to be on the top bunk and put the bed against the wall. Instruct your children to always use the ladder. Jumping should be avoided. Appropriately-sized mattress should be used on the upper bunk. You also have to make sure that the bunk bed can carry on the weight of your child. You have to check on weight restrictions if there are any.

Your choice between the two will depend upon who you purchased the bunk bed from

Apart from the fact that your choice between metal and wood should be dictated by the safety of the bed and how it should be used in the long run, you also have to consider where to buy it from. Accept that there are many choices when it comes to this. Most favourably, you will visit a showroom and look at the bed so you can scrutinise the design's safety. Of course, for those of you who lack the time to visit any showroom, looking for a dealer online will be recommended. When purchasing online though, you have to consider going for a dealer that carries a guarantee or a warranty with the purchase and that allows you to make a return in case of faulty screws or materials. 

Whether you go for wood or metal, we say it does not matter. As long as you have considered the pros and cons of each and weighed in on each of them, you will never be at a loss. Make sure too that you follow standards when making a purchase. At the end of the day, the decision is yours. No one is to be blamed should your decision fail later on. Therefore, if there is anything you are unsure of, always make it a point to ask the dealer.