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Do You Know How To Select The Right Trundle Bed?

Twin trundle beds are highly popular and easily available in the local store these days. However, it is really important that you choose a perfect bed for your kids. This task is not as easy as it sounds as different models in these beds confuse the customers.

Apart from choosing twin trundle beds in Toronto, you have to look for right box springs and mattresses. Each type of bed has its own pros and cons and therefore it is important that you evaluate well before making a purchase. Which type of trundle bed would be suitable for you primarily depends on your need, so let's explore your options:

Styles available in trundle beds

You need to see whether you wish to have more storage space or an additional sleeping area. Some trundle beds have a main bed with a second bed that is rolled out for sleeping while others have storage centers in them right under the mattress frame. Large families usually prefer trundle beds that have additional mattress for sleeping.

•    Bunk beds with trundle

Now bunk beds are also available in trundle bed styles and are high in demand. They are ideal for those homeowners who look for three separate sleeping areas and want to save maximum space in their room. The room will not look crowded at all because the bed needs only the space of one bed when it is not in use. If you host overnight guests frequently, then these beds should be your ultimate choice.

•    Bed with drawers

For more storage space, you need to look for trundle beds with drawers under the mattress. These types of beds have a very similar frame to a low dresser. These beds are also known as Captain’s bed as they look very similar to the beds found in old ships. They are highly comfortable at the same time and you will find them to be a nice addition in your house.

•    Day bed trundle beds

You can opt for trundle beds in day bed style as well. They are highly popular for their versatility. The best part about these beds is that they can be converted into a small sofa when the bed is not in use for sleeping. Hence, if you are living in a small apartment where space is a major constraint, you may look for a trundle bed in day bed style. You can easily place it in your living room and is a perfect choice for studio-type apartments. Trundle beds are a popular choice for not only living rooms but also for home offices as well. This is the best alternative to sofa bed which at times become quite difficult for the homeowners to operate.

Framing options for trundle beds

The frames for trundle beds are either made of wood or of metal. Both materials have a direct impact on the price, visual appearance and weight of the bed.  

•    Wooden trundle beds

Wood is commonly used in the manufacturing of trundle bed frames. In case you are interested in day bed style, you must look for the style that has a high back. This way, it will be easier for you to stack pillows on the backseat during the day. You may also opt for simple frames otherwise. Different types of woods are used in the constructions of these beds. Usually hardwood is considered to be better than softwoods. However they make the bed expensive. The most popular woods used in the manufacturing include oak, maple, mahogany, beech and pine.

•    Metal trundle beds

There are some manufacturers that use metal frames in the construction of trundle beds while some use a fine combination of wood and metal. For instance, you may find a frame having a wooden platform but with metal posts. Such frames are less expensive than the wooden ones and are also preferred.