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Do You Know Why And When Your Kid Needs A New Bed?

Nothing lasts forever. That one goes without saying. People acquire things, grow out of them and move to others. It is the same case for children. They have their fantasy acquisitions – nice children beds, dressing tables and seats. With time, they grow out of them and start looking at things from a different point of view. They see teenage hood looming and start wrapping the idea of having adult like furniture around their heads.

Your child simply starts questioning why his or her study table is too colourful. So you buy newer, adult like pieces. The inquisition then moves on the bed. Your child simply can’t sleep on the same bed you bought years ago. You have no choice but to go shop for another bed. All these things happen. Some reasons are backed by childish arguments while some reasons are solid and may even have medical facts attached to them. Either way, know it is time to start looking for a new bed and other furniture for kids in Toronto when the following things happen.

Sleeping problems

You may not know it but there is a direct link between your child’s performance at school and his or her sleeping habits. The two factors complement each other. It does not end there. Conditions like ADD can be attributed to bad sleeping habits. So take action the moment you suspect your child has sleeping problems that could be as a result of the mattress or the bed he or she is using. The only and of course the best solution in such situations is to get a new bed.

Screeching bed

This happens mostly where the bed in question is old. Either the bed has been a generational one – used by all the elder siblings and passed on to the other - or the bed is just a weak one. That screeching noise the bed produces can easily be fixed by tightening bolts and screws. But this sometimes doesn’t help. If the bed is too old, there really is nothing you can do to stop the screeching sound which needless to say, can easily disturb your child’s peaceful sleep. Let off the bed and surprise your kid with a new bed.

Color and theme issues

It goes almost without saying that children and sensitive to colors. That is why children psychiatrists often advocate for themed bedrooms and classrooms. Apart from expanding your child’s imagination, the themes can be used to foster better, healthier sleep. So if for one reason or another your child’s bedroom is dull and simple, spice things up. Get a themed bed and have the room repainted and fitted with the right furniture for children.

Space issues

Space can easily be an issue where children share the same bed. It is therefore up to you to come up with creative ways that can help you save on space. You will of course, want to have beds, study tables, dressing tables and closets in your children’s’ bedroom. All these things can easily consume a lot of space. You may have to go back to the drawing board and get rid of a few things that may not be that necessary. It could be that old bed for children designed at a time when there were just a handful of ideas as far as styling up children’s bedroom to save space was concerned. So get rid of any space ‘guzzler’. Start with that conspicuous bed and replace it with a nice bunk bed for children.

Remodelling project

The worst thing one can do when remodelling a home is ignoring the children’s bedroom. Get a good interior expert and explore ideas that can help you make the most out of your child’s bedroom. You will be surprised at how important the bed is. The bed, as you will find out, is the first thing one will notice when one enters your child’s bedroom. Its shape, design, color and positioning matter a lot because they must be balanced. So with that in mind, remodel your child’s bedroom as well. Then find the best pieces of children furniture that can make the bedroom stand out.

Safety considerations

Children are naturally playful. You can therefore imagine what can happen when there are all alone in their bedroom without adult supervision. Their beds can easily be turned into a playground. You won’t have to worry if you fitted the room with pieces of furniture that were designed with safety in mind.

That bed with stairs and grills can, for instance, make a huge difference as far as children bedroom safety is concerned. You may be forced to consider buying special furniture in the unfortunate event where your child trips, falls and becomes physically challenged for some time simply because safety was not part of your considerations while initially shopping for the children’s bedroom furniture. Take such things into account the next time you shop for new furniture for your children. You will have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!