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How Your Kids Can Avoid Bunk Bed Injuries

One of the primary reasons of numerous child visits to the doctor is because of bunk bed injuries. The manner in which this furniture is used usually determines how the injury is caused. Not only do these injuries arise from the poor construction of the bunk beds, but also from the children’s behavior around them. As a result, ensuring that your kids avoid the various injuries that can result from bunk bed injuries, you can ensure a number of factors are adhered to.

Best practices of using bunk beds

Ensuring that you adhere to the behavioral rules associated with bunk beds will ensure that your children do not get injured.

•    Children who are not older than six years should never be left to use bunk beds or left in a room where they are kept. This is because they can get injuries from falling.

•    Not only should the children should never be allowed to play under or on the beds, but only a single child is allowed to use the top bunker at any given moment.

•    Hanging of belts, hooks or jump roses should never be hang on the bunk bed as it can lead to strangulation.

•    Frequent enforcement of the bunk bed safety rules should be done during sleep overs. Since children’s upbringings are different, assuming that they are aware of these rules can lead to grave injuries.

•    To enable the climbing up and down of the bunk beds in the dark much safer, placing a night light near the ladder will ensure that they do not miss a step and fall while climbing.

Proper bed construction

Ensuring that the safety standards are met in the construction of the bunk bed is also crucial. This is normally important if you intend to purchase those that have been used.

•    There should be 15 inches at the single opening of the bunk bed for entering and leaving along with guard rails on the top bunker.

•    Ensuring the rails are sturdy and extend in the top section of the bunker for at least 5 inches is also crucial.

•    Proper mattress selection is necessary for the actual fitting in the bed. If the incorrect size is bought, it can either fall hurting the child or end up hurting the child who is sleeping below.

•    There should be a ladder to enable your child enter and leave the bed with ease. These ladders should never have toys, clutter or clothes on it. There should also never be toys on the ground near the bunk bed so that when they fall, there are fewer hazardous things that can injure them.

•    You should ensure to check that the bunk bed structure does not have any loose hanging screw, weak points or cracks that can lead to its destruction when your kids are around it. When left unchecked, the dangers can be astronomical for your kids.

Proper bunk bed placement

Depending on how you lace the bunk bed, it usually determines the ease with which the kids enter and leave them.

•    The bunk bed should never be positioned next ceiling light fixtures or close to any fans.

•    It should also never be placed next to windows.

•    Enough room should be spared to allow your child to sit up when they are on it without them hitting the ceiling.

While it may be prudent to undertake all the safety precaution when it comes to bunk beds for kids, teaching your kids about what this requires can ensure that they are always safe even when you are not around. The need to educate and teach them how to use the bunk bed is the best way to avoid these injuries.