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It's Your Priority To Ensure That Your Kids Sleep Safely In Bunk Beds!

Bunk beds are not just ordinary beds. They are well-loved by kids (and even adults) simply because these pieces of furniture allow other movement aside from the movement that kids make when they sleep. Bunk beds typically imbibe more fun in a bedroom atmosphere. Some can even be used so kids can try climbing up and down via its stairs.

Whilst enjoyment is fulfilled with the presence of these beds in your kid's bedroom, it cannot be denied that as parents, you become utterly concerned with your child's safety whilst using them. Of course, you want them to have their own beds for fun but much more than that you also want them to stay safe especially as they will climb often up and down the stairs. Here are tips that will work to your peace of mind as you want to assure that your kids will stay safe in these bunk beds.

Make sure that the bed meets safety standards

One of the main attractions of a bunk bed is the fact that the whole furniture can be transformed into one area where play can be enjoyed by kids. They will surely love the fact that they no longer have to bring out any other material in order to put their dream to life. Let us say, they want to be a sailor. A bunk bed that looks like a ship will definitely work to their delight.

Manufacturers recognise this kind of attraction that kids have for bunk beds. This makes them highlight on the aesthetics of the bed but often fail on working on the supposed safety features expected for the bed. It is now your obligation as a parent to check on whether the beds have passed the safety standards or not. Never overlook this matter if you want your kids to stay safe as they sleep and play through these beds.

Check on how the staircases are built

Staircases are added attractions to bunk beds and as such, expect that these can be highlighted with several designs to make you say yes to the purchase right away. Well, if you want a truly safe bunk bed for your child, never fail to check on how the staircases are built. Make sure they are strong and sturdy enough to carry the weight of your child. Checking will include the need to see to it that the staircases are firmly attached to the bed so that the kids will not have to worry about wiggling whilst taking steps up and down.

Look for safety features specifically on the ladder and upper bunks

What particular safety feature can this be? Well this will be the presence of railings across the bunk bed's ladders. Railings must likewise be placed on the upper bunks. This feature will protect your child from any harm especially whilst tossing and turning during play. This will prevent them from accidentally falling down.

Check on sleeping arrangements as well

Why does sleeping arrangement matter for your children's safety whilst using bunk beds? Well, remember that some kids keep on tossing and turning whilst sleeping. Others sleepwalk too. When your kids are like this, it will be good to make sure that they sleep on the lower stack rather than on the upper bunk.

Check on other essentials

It is sad to note that sometimes, bunk beds can have sharp edges that can cause bruising and scratching on your children who definitely love moving around. As much as possible, touch every edge and corner of the bed to feel if there is something sharp there. Additionally, it pays to make sure that the paint used in finishing the bed is lead-free to prevent health-related concerns.

Bunk beds can be used for extreme fun and enjoyment provided they are safe for use by your children. Check our list of kids bunk beds with stairs in Canada. We make sure they all meet safety standards.