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Safety Features You Should Look For In Bunk Beds

When you are a parent, having bunk beds in your kids’ bedrooms is usually a very attractive idea. It ensures that you can optimize on the space that you have without making it unduly comfortable. In addition to that, most kids also find it to be quite a lot of fun as well. If you are thinking of investing in one of these, however, it usually pays to be a bit tactful about how you go about it.

Remember, there are many things that will influence the value for money that you get from the bunk beds. One of these is how safe they will be. There are many incidences of kids having accidents from bunk beds, and you need to guard against them. Some of the tips you may need to keep in mind in order to facilitate this include:

Make sure they are not too high

When you are shopping for bunk beds in Ontario, you should definitely pay attention to how high they are off the ground. When a bunk bed is too high, the chances of a child getting serious injuries when they fall off it will be increased. There are many bunk bed designs that are still practical but not very tall, and these are the ones that you should ideally look out for. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to buy from a high quality vendor, so that you can get variety.

In addition to making the bunk bed safer, getting one that is not too high will also make it easier to use. Some kids tend to be afraid of getting on and off a top bunk on account of the height. If you have such a child, getting a bed that is not too high off the ground will encourage them to use it. With time, it could even help them get over this fear completely.

Using carpeting in the room

When designing your kids’ bedroom, you should also consider going for soft floors if they are to feature bunk beds. This way, the risk of serious injury is reduced if someone sleeping on the top bunker ends up falling off it. The soft floor will absorb most of the impact from the fall. One of the options you can think about is laying a thick carpet on the floor.

Buy a bunk bed with a barrier

To prevent the top bunk occupier from having a fall, you could also invest in a bunk bed with a barrier. These can either be permanent or temporary. The former are usually more ideal in settings where the person occupying the top bunk is likely to be very young. You can have the barriers designed with soft padding to make it even safer.

Avoid sharp edges

Another safety feature you can look for in a bunk bed is one that does not have very sharp edges. Features such as rounded off corners and parts that are not sticking out might seem trivial, but they do a lot in preventing accidents. Remember that kids tend to be very playful, and may end up hitting themselves or their siblings on such edges. When they are rounded off or covered in soft material, they will end up absorbing the force of the blow, reducing the injury sustained.

These are some of the features you need to look out for if you are interested in safe bunk beds for your kids. The most important thing to remember is to avoid buying the beds in a random fashion. You should be very specific about what you want out of them, particularly if you want to get good value for money.