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What Are The Considerations For Buying Waterproof Mattresses?

Waterproof mattresses are ideal for babies and children who still bed-wet. It is also recommended for seniors who have urinary incontinence. It does not only allow a good night's sleep but it is also more sanitary to use compared to the other types of mattresses. It can hold several cups of water at a time without leaking which allows you until morning to handle the issue. It is dry, therefore, the growth of microorganisms like moulds and bacteria, are inhibited because a dry surface is not favourable for their growth. Though they are priced higher than regular mattresses, it will be worthy of your hard-earned cash because of its conveniences.


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The facts said about waterproof mattresses will definitely convince you to purchase them. But of course, you cannot just purchase any of this type of mattress that you see right away. As with other purchases, when planning to purchase a waterproof mattress either for your baby or for a senior relative, here are the things that you need to ponder on:

Determine the level of absorbency

This is important so that you will have a basis as to how thick it should be. If it is for a baby or a toddler, you will need a mattress with just the right thickness. For an adult who produces more urine, obviously, you need to get one that is thicker to guarantee protection. Thicker pads are more costly so buy one that actually matches your need rather than having the thickest and most expensive variety.

Be aware of what the mattress is made of

Mattresses are made out of different materials. Therefore, if you will buy waterproof mattresses, it should be made of high-grade high density foam. This is definitely more expensive compared to inferior materials but it will be worth it. Purchasing one that is substandard will lead you to be paying for repairs and perhaps purchasing a new one again.

Check the layers found on each mattress

Ideally, waterproof mattresses should have three layers that include a top layer that is soft and serves as a cushion followed by a middle layer that is waterproof then finished with a bottom sheet that provides additional absorption. Some superior qualities have even more layers but as long as it has these three layers, a moisture-free night is guaranteed. 

Check all other materials found in making the mattress

The layers should be made of hypoallergenic materials made from 100 percent polyester fill as this will help in keeping the mattress fresh. The microfiber cover should have a stain-release feature for easy cleaning. It should not feel like plastic as in traditional waterproof mattresses because this will be a source of discomfort. Water resistant mattresses made from lower quality materials produce a squeaky sound when a person shifts position. Mattresses made from polyurethane materials are suggested for adults because it does not absorb odour nor match body temperature.

Search for bargain

Do your homework in researching through the internet. Some factories offer discounts when their products are bought online. But before making your order, consider the price of shipment as this too is a bit costly.

Choose the type of cover for the mattress

Mattresses are not just made of several layers of foams. The heavy-duty ones are those that come with bed covers. Commonly, with waterproof mattresses, vinyl covers are found. This is subcategorised further into different types including fitted and zippered covers. Fitted covers are those that provide full covering to the mattress from the top to the sides. They are likened to regular mattress pads and commonly fit standard-sized mattresses.

As for the zippered covers, these ones are made for the restless sleepers. The zippered mattress offers comfort whilst you keep on moving around and changing positions whilst you sleep. It has the capability of covering the entire mattress without you worrying that it will slip around as you move. 

From these two options however, another choice comes in. This one is made for mattresses that have greater depths than standard mattresses. Usually, this kind of cover is made for those mattresses with a thickness of more than 9 inches. These waterproof vinyl covers for your mattresses can be zipped close to the entire mattress.

A mattress protector counts too

After purchasing a waterproof mattress, have in mind that you need a mattress protector and you must also check its quality. This is necessary to ensure that your bed will be free from spills and moisture. This can also serve as a barrier against bed bugs and dust mites. 

Choosing waterproof mattresses is definitely not just about getting one that is said to be waterproof. You need to consider all the factors above if you want to make sure you are purchasing the waterproof mattress for your kid's needs or even for the necessities of seniors in your home.