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Which Bunk Bed With Stairs Is Best For My Child?

With the numerous variety of bunk beds with stairs that have made them the top choice for children’s room today, finding the best suitable one for your child is very essential. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to upgrade your kid’s furniture or just seeking insightful tips on which one your child requires, knowing what to look for can help you determine this.

Size of the room

There is normally no point in buying a bunk bed that cannot fit in your child’s room. Since the amount of horizontal space is used for movement in the room, the vertical amount of space is the most essential. The room should always have enough space to allow for use of drawers, ladders and stairs. You should always bear in mind the amount of free horizontal face that your children will use in getting in and out of the bed around the ladder or stairs.

Ability to access the bunk bed by the child

Having your children go along with you in the final step of purchasing the bunk bed is very essential. This will help you determine if they are able to access and move around the bed with ease. If you see that the stairs are narrow or even difficult to pin point since they are out of sight and ticked away, the selection might not be good as it may cause a tripping hazard.

 The best thing to do is to have an actual test to determine how well your kids will go up the stairs and also that there is a handrail present that they can cling to. Sometimes you might find those which do not have the hand rails because they are meant for kids who can maintain balance or for those older children. The age group of your child should help you determine the best fit.

Which bunk bed matches your decorative style and lifestyle?

The wide variety of bunk beds ranging from the shapes, decorative styles and configurations should all be evaluated. You can opt to select a full bed on the bottom and a twin at the top, or you can go for a twin bed over a twin bed. Alternatively, you may go for those loft beds which have a desk or have an extra function on the section below. These are usually best suited for those rooms which need to spare some space. You should always ensure that the ladders and stairs are easily accessible with the configuration you opt for.

Type of stairs

Knowing which stairs are best suited is also essential. If there is plenty of space, buying a bunk bed with stairs as opposed to a separate ladder is advisable. This makes it easier for children to climb while at the same time containing drawers which you can use to their clutter away. With the various forms of stairs in the form of straight, along the wall and u-shapes, the layout of the child’s room will assist in deciding the one best suited for ease of getting in and out of the bunk bed.

Determining the best suited bunk bed with stairs for your kids should be done very carefully. Proper research and appraisal does not only save you on cost, but it also helps in ensuring that the hazards that come along with the purchase of one for your kids do not occur. While you can always do all the above tips and finally purchase the bunk bed, it is always important to take your children along with you in the final step to assess how well they respond to the configuration of the stairs.